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Erika Beeson

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Utah, United States
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In my one-on-one coaching I work specifically with women who struggle to live life on their own terms. I guide my clients through the process of rediscovering themselves despite the pressures around them and heavy thoughts within. My clients experience a transformational shift through this process with results that actually last.
In my corporate coaching, I help small to medium sized businesses reach higher levels of productivity by teaching and implementing strategies to refine communication internally and with customers/clients. We work on values alignment to help your organization attract and retain the right talent. In combination with training for your managers/leaders, you will exponentially increase the number of top performers in your organization.
I live just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah and I am a free-spirited nature junkie. You'll find me outside and in the mountains every chance I can get. I'm obsessed with animals, especially my own, and maybe even more obsessed with my family whom I love dearly.
I currently also work for an HRTech startup and while I do love my corporate job and helping this company get up and off the ground - my real passion lies in help others reach their full potential with real and tangible techniques and processes.



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