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Modern Hypnosis Training & Certification

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What if you could help people make massive shifts in life through the conscious use of language?

Do you think it would be useful to learn a simple tool to help people achieve breakthrough results — while also transforming your life in the process?

If you’ve ever felt called to help people truly heal, you are invited to attend this THREE DAY hypnosis training.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool to overcome limiting beliefs and facilitate healing in the body. Because all learning, behavior, and change ultimately take place at the unconscious level, it’s imperative to learn how to make changes consciously in the unconscious mind.
Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive certification as a practitioner of hypnosis.
This training is conducted online for your convenience!

Required reading:

How to do Hypnosis – Graham Old

Recommended reading:

Healing with the Mind’s Eye – Michael Samuels

Cost: $795

(If you've attended this iHeal course prior,
you can attend again for a “refresher course” for $397. Please contact hello@ihealinstitute.com for refresher courses.)

This course covers the basics of Hypnotherapy and Guided Therapeutic Imagery, including techniques, hypnotic language concepts, and scripts to equip you to do effective Hypnosis/Healing sessions with your clients.

You’ll learn:

  • What Hypnosis is (and what it ISN’T!) – clearing up the myths and misconceptions
  • How to use Hypnosis for yourself and your clients
  • Why and how it works
  • … and so much more!

If you’re a coach, massage therapist, bodyworker, energy worker, or simply interested in the healing arts, this training will help you massively up-level your practice and help your clients succeed at a whole new level.

Hypnosis can be used for:

  • Managing emotions
  • Stress reduction and relaxation
  • Changing our unconscious beliefs in order to change our behavior
  • Getting better results in life and overcoming challenges
  • Having success in business
  • Improving health challenges
  • Pain Control
  • Achieving health goals
  • Unlocking one’s potential
  • Eliminating self-sabotage
  • Weight loss
  • Operating from a peak emotional and energetic state
  • Being empowered in life
  • Financial security
  • Fulfilling relationships
  • Confidence

Schedule of Events:

Where: This training is done exclusively online with a link provided to join a zoom meeting delivered to your email.

When: Friday/Saturday/Sunday – four times a year, from 9:00am to approximately 6:00pm MST on Zoom

Day One: Intro to Hypnosis

Time: 9:00am – approx. 6:00pm MST

On day one, you will learn the basics of what hypnosis is and what it isn’t. By the close of day one, you’ll have a solid foundation of how the mind works and be fully prepared for the rest of the training.

Day Two: How to Do Hypnosis Sessions

Time: 9:00am – approx. 6:00pm MST

On day two, you will learn how to perform successful hypnosis sessions for weight loss, better sleep, pain control, and more.

Day Three: Succeeding as a Hypnotherapist

Time: 9:00am – approx. 6:00pm MST

On day three, we will discuss self-hypnosis, monetizing your practice, and amazing techniques for creating your future.

Your Investment Includes:

3 days of hypnosis training (3 days of live training via Zoom)

  • A complete manual delivered in PDF format
  • Opportunities for practice sessions outside of class with fellow students
  • Lifetime membership in our community Facebook group with students and graduates
  • Certificate of Completion as a Certified Hypnotherapist from the iHeal Institute and Rebecca de Azevedo, Board Certified Trainer of Hypnosis

“I registered to take the class because my curiosity got the best of me. I needed to know if this was something I could add to my massage practice or use as a stand alone business. My only income comes from massage therapy, and during a time I cannot work, I needed a new skill. I was blown away at how easy and effortless hypnosis is. It is amazing the connection we have between our mind and our body, and more people need to learn about it and experience it. My massage practice will be back up and running in the future, and adding hypnosis to my repertoire is going to help heal my clients on a whole new level. Best part is that healing doesn’t have to be done in person and hands-on. This training has made it clear that healing can be done virtually. It’s truly incredible.” -A. McCarthy

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Can I practice Hypnotherapy in my state/region?

Certain states and regions have specific rules related to hypnotherapy. You can check these websites to see recommendations for the USA, but please understand that they may not be complete and you will still need to check with your local laws to see how hypnotherapy is regulated where you live. The websites are:



You will learn hypnosis in the context of smoking cessation, weight loss, habit change, and personal improvement. You will not be offering hypnotherapy for medical, psychological, or clinical purposes.

What if I can’t make all three live event days?

Attendance is mandatory for all days if you wish to receive your certification. If you have an emergency during the training you can contact our team at hello@ihealinstitute.com. 

Do I need to bring anything?

An open mind is a must and of course we ask that you minimize your distractions. Other than that, you may want a private place and a set of headphones to be able to listen in on the conversation. You will need to download Zoom video conferencing software at zoom.us and have a webcam if possible.

Who is the governing board that certifies the training?

By the end of the training you will be certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy. You may also, for an additional fee, obtain membership with the Board, which offers several benefits including Board Recognition. For more info go to www.abh-abnlp.com.


“This hypnotherapy course was a GAME CHANGER for my business!! I felt so confident after the course that I scheduled my first client the next day. I highly recommend Rebecca. She has so much knowledge and experience. I'm taking all my advanced courses with her.” – N.G., Licensed Massage Therapist, Millcreek, UT

“We learned how to be effective and confident! I love that receiving several mini hypnotherapy sessions with the suggestions that I made for myself was part of this class! I definitely feel more at ease about my issues and prepared to do self hypnosis, AND offer it to the public!” –C. Sigsbury

“I feel so much better about everything. I'm no longer focusing on the stress and issues going on around me..but looking at what I can do now.” –D. Bell

“The training was very good, worth every penny. Rebecca knows her stuff and knows how to keep you engaged especially while doing this training online!” – I. Boucher