About iHeal Institute

Rebecca de Azevedo

iHeal Institute was founded by Rebecca de Azevedo who has been a licensed massage therapist since 1994. She has been practicing the healing arts for more than half her life.

Rebecca achieved unprecedented success when she opened and grew a prenatal massage practice in Salt Lake City, Utah, which she sold in 2018 to pursue her passion of helping other massage therapists achieve success in their businesses.

As a sought-after business and mindset coach, she has coached thousands of massage therapists in her free Facebook Group, The Art of Building a Successful Massage Practice, and has personally coached, trained, and mentored hundreds of massage therapists worldwide to create thriving practices, through her 8-week intensive program, Rock Your Massage Practice Academy.

Her clients have achieved unprecedented success in their massage businesses, and many of them wanted more; they wanted a deeper dive into their OWN mindset work and skills. They wanted to make an impact beyond their massage tables, by obtaining certifications that would allow them to work remotely with clients or expand their healing toolbox for in-person sessions. Knowing the power of the unconscious (subconscious) mind to heal the body, and having studied tools such as hypnotherapy and time line techniques, Rebecca went on to obtain certification, mastery, and Trainer status to teach her clients the best tools for working with the MIND.

Her vision is to empower healing practitioners everywhere with these tools to elevate their businesses and the results they get with clients.

With respect to her fellow massage therapists and bodyworkers, Rebecca envisions a new wave of healers on this planet who are skilled at working with the body AND the mind, and is committed to elevating the massage therapy industry.

She has a BA in Spiritual Psychology, and is also a Board Certified Master Coach, Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, NLP coaching, and Time Line Therapy® Techniques.

Rebecca is a single mother to three children: two sons, whom she peacefully co-parents with her former spouse, and is a solo mom to her daughter. She resides in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

iHeal Institute offers in-person and online training in NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy® and NLP Coaching.